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We provide bilingual emcee that can manage your event program well and at the same time engage the crowd.

Have An Awesome Event With Our Event Emcee in Singapore

Planning for a birthday party for your nears and dears? Having a concert? Launching new products or services?


Having Conferences, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions, Cricket Matches, and other sports?


You forget details and lost in schedules and activities? You freeze and do not know what to speak when people stare at you in YOUR event!


Fret not, Clover Enterprise Pte Ltd event Emcee is here to help you solve everything. We provide you with the best bilingual event emcees so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the success of your event and the smooth beautiful way it is going.


Our professional emcee will represent your company events with their high energy and credibility, they will be the voice and face for your event. With their expert and smartness, they will have a positive impact on your audience including leaders, managers, and employees, which will increase your event success and deliver the ideas and messages very clearly.

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Let Our Emcee Assist You With Your Event Hosting

Even if you think, you have already put your plan, our event emcee may suggest changes that surprise you with a difference, it may be your first event planning, but our event emcee is with high experience who definitely would have handled a number of similar events of yours.

With our event emcees, you do not have to worry about small problems, like a delay in starting an event to end your preparation, stretching it when you need more time, or even shorten it! With their expertise, they will not let the audience even notice this. If your event is a party and you have some shows like dance, magic show, our event emcee will know how to make shows flexible, how to introduce performers, and how to be entertaining themselves between shows and leave no gaps between.

Just provide us with event information, details, what would you like to do or to have, the duration you need and our emcee will set everything ready for you. Our event emcee can introduce you to the best event managers and can give help in managing the event themselves when needed.

Contact us today and learn how our emcee can help you in your event hosting needs.

business consultancy in singapore and asia event

It is important to have knowledge and creativity in solving unique business problems at all stages of your entrepreneurship journey. With a diversity of skill sets, qualifications, experiences and backgrounds, our team provides all the business tools you will need to address challenges of business management.

To provide high-quality business advisory to you. Clover Enterprise has a wide network of business associates that you can work with. Our Consumers Marketing and Business Strategist team understands business and its constantly identifying the economic needs, consumer trends and assembling resources required to bring your brand to its next level.

Asia is a gigantic market. Not only does the vast population represent a large market of potential customers, it is also an upcoming and untapped market. We understand Asia’s market culture and need to nurture your business. With a pool of celebrities and talents, your brand can be made known and the opportunities in Asia are limitless.


We specialise in bringing products and services in the Beauty & Wellness, Food, Fashion, Parenting and Travel Industry across Asia


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Why Us?

Clover Enterprise Pte Ltd is a company that offers a full spectrum of cost-effective services designed to take your brand to the next level. We leverage our expertise and network within the Beauty & Wellness, Food, Fashion, Parenting and Travel industries to form integrated ecosystems which create value for the projects we deliver.

We are fully capable of working closely with our clients and providing strategic implementations. We cater to small and medium-sized businesses and take pride in every entrepreneurial products and services.

With the connection made with business associates over the past 20 years, our industry-specific knowledge accumulated has taught us how to rapidly and efficiently diagnose and treat business problems as well as identify attractive opportunities in any business situation in any marketplace.

Our Services

Business Strategic Management

Recruitment and Training
Resource Management and Allocation
Support Decision Making Processes

Branding and Marketing

Creative Conceptualization
Content Development
Experiential Events
Public Relations
Distribution Channel Strategy
Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Community Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing
Live Stream

Overseas Project Management

Project Goals
Development of Scope
Content Creation
Resource Management
Resource Allocation
Stakeholder Management
Strategic Partnerships
Risk Assessment

Our Clients & PARTNERS

Our Past Clients - Chef Avenue
Our Past clients G'Nest
Our Past clients Lenicc
Past clients Amanda fashion
Fego - our past clients
Brands we work with - Vitayes

"Our partnership with Clover Enterprise for our past events has been a pleasant one! Jenny, Melissa, and the team did a great job in managing our events, and bring hype to our salon and to our events.

Thank you for the well planning and with everything being discussed beforehand that ensured our events' success. Will look forward to work together again soon!"

Angela Tnee

Founder & Managing Director, Allure Beauty Saloon

“I've had the pleasure of working with Clover Enterprise as an events emcee. Overall, the team demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, and is prompt in communication. It was an enjoyable experience working together and I very much look forward to more future collaborations! 🙂 "

Karin Lim

Emcee, Freelance Radio DJ, Voiceover Artiste

“We love working with Clover Enterprise Pte. Ltd for our marketing campaign. The team is prompt in communication and also display professionalism in managing our campaign.  They are also able to provide a customised marketing solutions for our various campaigns. 

If you are looking for a company to provide business consultancy to grow your brand, Clover Enterprise is definitely the place you go to. I highly recommend them and looking forward for future projects with them."

Jordy Tan


“We love working with Clover Enterprise Pte. Ltd to showcase the product range of Vitayes. They gave us customized marketing solutions and reached out to 20 influencers within our marketing campaigns period.

In addition, they opened the B2B market for us to explore and work with beauty and aesthetic salons as well as the extension to reach out to parenting industry partners namely as SG Baby Club Pte. Ltd (a parenting platform), Mother-Industrialist (a support group for mothers), SG Super Nanny (a baby sleep expert), and The Ladies Cue (a female lifestyle community) to conduct giveaway contests, lucky draws, public workshops, live stream, and activities.

They went above and beyond to get outstanding results. The team was efficient with my projects and had maintained great communications. I highly recommend them."

Dale Liao

Director, Vitayes City Flow Pte. Ltd

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Your one phone call or an email away from starting the process of hosting the best event in your company’s history.

We specialize in providing the best event emcee Singapore has to offer. We service all locations in Singapore, and we’re ready to help you host the event of a lifetime.

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